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OrthoPulse is a medical device cleared by the FDA to significantly cut orthodontic treatment time. Both braces and clear aligners patients are eligible for this treatment. You can accelerate tooth movement by using this effective device for just 10 minutes a day.

Reduced treatment time means:

  • Fewer appointments
  • Reduced time wearing braces or aligners
  • Less time cutting out the foods you love because they can damage your appliances
  • Getting to enjoy your beautiful new smile sooner


Absolutely, OrthoPulse has been cleared by the FDA for use in patients with fixed appliances and clear aligners. This device is designed to be used by one patient only as prescribed by your doctor. Orthopulse is made of medical-grade silicone combined with other biocompatible materials. Many patients describe it as feeling like a soft sports mouthguard.


OrthoPulse relies on an innovative technology named photobiomodulation which is based on Low-Level Light Therapy or LLLT. The LLT stimulates the bone that surrounds the roots of the teeth, this promotes tooth movement. While photobiomodulation may sound new, it has been researched in medicine for over 50 years. This technology is used in many approved medical devices.

Using OrthoPulse daily may reduce your treatment time by as much as 50%.


OrthoPulse can be described as an exciting and budget-friendly technology to shorten your orthodontic treatment. If you are interested in obtaining your new and improved smile in a fraction of the time, ask any of my team members what OrthoPulse can do for you.

OrthoPulse® from Biolux Research on Vimeo.

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